Protein babysitter

"Oh, I'm fine." She winced, looked back and spat out the tip of her tongue. "It looks like we've gone too far. Let's wash up and get out of here."

"Oh, I'm fine." She winced, looked back and spat out the tip of her tongue. "It looks like we've gone too far. Let's wash up and get out of here." "Mmm." Chu Xiangfei nodded, sat up and let her wash his back with a towel, while he clasped his hands together and quietly watched the water pass through his fingers. 「…… Protein, do you know why I treat you so badly sometimes? "Hmm?" The action of wiping is frozen. "Why?" She asked softly. "Because I can't let my father know that I like you." He whispered. "Why?!" She gazed at his little face, looming in the misty mist. "Because Dad said you shouldn't like someone too much--especially someone who might leave me at any time." The less he likes you, the less likely he is to get hurt. Chu Huaiyu's dignified words suddenly passed by her ears, and her heart tightened and she turned sideways, trying to see the expression of Xiang Fei clearly. But he refused to look at her and hung his head low. "Xiang Fei, you --" So I can't be too nice to you, because as long as it's someone I like, Dad will ask her to go.. Auntie Sun and Sister Liu used to be like this. Clenching his little fists in the water, he said, "If Dad knew I liked you too, he wouldn't let you continue to be my babysitter." So that's it. Understanding the little boy's mind, the single angelica dahurica nose is sour. The other day, my dad asked me who I liked best among the interviewees, but I didn't say you. Not because I hate you,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, but because I know that if I let you be my babysitter, I will be very bad to you, and you will be very sad. But to my surprise, Dad finally decided to let you come. Said, Chu Xiangfei gently smiled, the laughter is clear and melodious, but it is like a thin knife,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, cut her heart. "I really like you, protein." He suddenly raised his head and looked at her earnestly. "Really, I'm not kidding you." "I know." She took a deep breath and reached out to touch his head. "I'm really sorry that I broke your head the other day. I didn't mean to. Trust me!" "I believe." 「…… Protein, are you crying? He stared into her eyes. "No." She quickly touched her eyes with her finger. "Is it steam?" "Oh." He nodded, and his intelligent eyes seemed to see something, but he did not say it thoughtfully. A few seconds later, he suddenly lowered his upper body and buried his whole head in the water. "Xiang Fei?" She was startled, and when she saw the blisters slowly rising to the surface, she couldn't help smiling. It turns out to be playing. Smile did not collect, then see him rushed out of the water, raised a beautiful little face, to her good naughty, good heroic smile. "Protein, brass tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, I must be very rich in the future!" He announced triumphantly. "Oh?" "I'm going to have a lot of money and build a very, very big amusement park, and then I'm going to invite everyone to come and play--Hsiao Chien, Jung Jung, and Ting Ting--I'm going to hold a party, prepare a lot of delicious food, and invite all my classmates to come and play." "That's right." Her childish dreams deepened her smile. "Well, I want everyone to have a good time, and everyone to like me, so that no one will leave me." Black eyes twinkle like stars. "So I have to work hard now so that I can make a lot of money in the future." She listened in a daze, and her smile disappeared unconsciously. "Protein, you have to come, too." He smiled at her. "I'll send you an invitation." 「……」 She nodded, her voice stuck in her throat, and she could not say a word. "Is Xiangfei asleep?" "Go to sleep." Single Angelica answered in a dumb voice, looking at the man who rolled up his long sleeves and opened the refrigerator to look for food. "Are you hungry?" "Well, I want to eat something." "Where is Wu Ma?" "Recently her mother-in-law fell ill, and I asked her to go home and take care of her." "That's right." She stepped into the kitchen and gently pushed Chu Huai-yu, who was frowning in front of the refrigerator. "I'll do it." "You?" He raised his eyebrows. "What would you like to eat?" She asked, taking a quick glance inside the fridge? Spaghetti? Salty porridge? "Will you help me?" He seemed a little incredulous. "I paid the rent." She looked back and smiled at him. "If you let me live here for nothing and don't charge me, I'll be embarrassed.". 」 "I told you you were doing me a favor by moving in, so my dad and his family would be more convinced that you were dating me." "Yes." With a smile on her face, she reaches for eggs, fish fillets, fresh shrimp, vegetables, and other ingredients. "Is seafood porridge all right?". "Well, thank you." "Go out and do your work first. I'll be ready soon." "Mmm." He nodded, but still refused to leave, his tall and straight body leaning against the bar separating the kitchen from the dining room, quietly watching her put on her apron and pull up her long hair, which was still half wet. She really looks like a good wife and mother who cooks for her husband. He smiled, looked at the slightly wet but more supple, black hair, breathed, and remembered how wet she had been in the bathroom. That kind of her, plus a bright red face, it seems that it is also like water hibiscus. "Do you want to talk to me?" She glanced at him. He was stunned. "I know. I just played a little too much with Hsiang-fei. I don't look like a babysitter." She sighed. "But don't worry, I won't be polite to him when it's time to keep a straight face." "I'm not thinking about that." "Then what are you thinking?" After thinking about her clothes soaked through, the curves that loomed. Chu Huaiyu's mind suddenly trembled. What the hell was he thinking? Thick sword eyebrows gathered together, very unhappy with Bai's inexplicable thoughts. Like a sex maniac! She misunderstood his gloomy look and carefully put the stainless steel pot on the gas stove. "Excuse me, do you have anything like stock or chicken stock?" What is that? Chu Huaiyu was stunned. "Let me see. The seasoning should be in the cupboard." With these words,38 needle valve, he approached her and stretched out his arms to open the upper cabinet. "Not here." Open the other one. "Not here either." Open another one. "This is for the dishes." Looking at a man who was obviously completely unfamiliar with her kitchen, she could not help but raise her lips. "Well, could it be in the cabinet below?" "It's possible." He immediately bent down to look for it.


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