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Fang Ya got out of the car and looked around. "Where is this?" He stood up with the child in his arms. My house, go, go in! Xing Ge Si closed the car door, took the bag and took Fang Ya into the door of the villa.

Fang Ya got out of the car and looked around. "Where is this?" He stood up with the child in his arms. My house, go, go in! Xing Ge Si closed the car door, took the bag and took Fang Ya into the door of the villa. Fang Ya is holding the child and looking here. Is it a villa again? It was a rich man, and he went in after him. Sir, you're back! A woman in her fifties came out of the kitchen. She turned to look at Fang Ya and immediately brought her slippers. Fang Ya smiled, "Thank you!" He changed his shoes and remembered, "Auntie, why is the child crying all the time?" Close to the woman as if to see the hope of saving her life. Xing Ge Si put down the baby and slipped up first, and the child cried so that he wanted to explode. The woman took the child. "Miss, the child may be hungry." The woman's hand patted the child's back gently. "And when you hold it, you can't hold it flat like you just did." Said to let Fang Ya see the way she hugged. Fang Ya nodded, "Oh." Hungry? Remembering it, he turned to look at it and shouted, "Xing Ge Si." Shouting with full name and last name. The woman held the child in her arms and trembled with fear. The gentleman never brought a woman back, and no one had just shouted at him like that. He looked down at the child in his arms, and his lips were very similar to those of the gentleman? Stealthily turned to look at Fang Ya's side face. This book was first published by Pai Pai Novel Forum,asrs warehouse, please do not reprint! [Text: 029 [Climb into his bed]] Xing Ge Si heard Fang Ya's cry in the study. He stood upstairs in the corridor with a handsome face and looked at Fang Ya below. The baby was strong and loud. He really didn't know if he had eaten gunpowder. "What's wrong now?" Looking up at Xing Gusi standing above, his eyes flew, "The baby is hungry." Tightly locked thick eyebrows, milk doll will not let him prepare food for the baby, "all the food is in the bag." "Then why are you standing there?" I was angry when I saw his smelly face standing there. Helplessly, "Mrs. Zhang,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, milk powder and so on are in the bag, first trouble you." Looking at Fang Ya in a twinkling of an eye, "you come up, we talk." "Fang Yaling turned her eyes and went upstairs, following Xing Gus into the study." Sit down. Xing Gus sat down and looked at Fang Ya and said. Looked at the chair, sat down, eyes looked around, simple decoration but noble study, eyes suddenly looked at the door of a classical black and white calligraphy and painting, did not blink staring. Xing Ge Si looked at Fang Ya in a trance. "Do you have any research on calligraphy and painting?" Fang Ya was startled and slightly tightened her lips and shook her head. "No." Xing Gusi turned up the corners of his mouth and smiled slightly. "So you think that picture?" Looking at Fang Ya with a little provocation. He rolled his eyes and turned up his mouth. "I think that painting is valuable. Can't I?" I was so angry to look at her with such eyes. Seeing that she was angry, Xing Gus adjusted his face. "Let's not talk about painting. Let's talk about children." Thinking that he was still asking for her, his tone softened. Hum Isn't Mrs. Zhang going to take care of the child? Why does she have to take care of the child? Her heart tingled at the thought of the child's crying. Mrs. Zhang has to go back after seven o'clock in the evening, medium duty racking ,push back racking system, so it's not convenient. Xing Gus pursed his lips tightly. Now the child's problem is really a troublesome thing. Fang Ya frowned confusedly. "There's not only one sister-in-law in your family, is there?" Aren't there a lot of servants in the rich families on TV? Xing Gus nodded. "Yes." Fang Ya opened her mouth wide. "Is there really only one sister-in-law Zhang?"? Isn't it exhausting for her to clean such a big house alone? I really sympathize with Mrs. Zhang. How can I meet such a stingy boss as Xing Ge Si? Hygiene has housekeeping door-to-door. What's that look in the eyes of the milk doll? Xing Ge Si's helpless explanation. Oh, so that's it? Fang Ya nodded. So can we talk about children now? Nothing was more important to him than Gus now! Speaking of the child, Fang Ya snorted, "What do you want?" Although she was his private secretary, she didn't say she wanted to look after the children? Why study first? She doesn't want to be cheated by him. How about taking care of the baby for a month with three months' salary? This baby can't do anything else. Money can do it. Eyes left and right, three months' salary? Still can not go to the company, seems to be quite cost-effective, looked up at Xing Ge Si, eyes Mi into a line, "then the company's monthly salary is not to give me?" Let's ask first. Xing Ge Si breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that money was a panacea for the milk doll. "I'll give it to you all the same." Fang Ya feet tremble, too good, a month to earn four months of wages, "and the baby's food and drink are all paid by you?" Otherwise, there is no profit. Xing Gus nodded, "It's not about the baby. I'll pay for everything you eat and use this month, but there is a premise that you have to live here for a month." Fang Ya nodded like a chicken pecking rice, eager to live with Xing Ge Si for a month, maybe it can increase feelings, thinking of this can not help but laugh, "OK." Max leaned back and looked at his watch. "Well, let's get to work." Fang Ya stood up with a proud smile and turned to go downstairs, not to take care of the children? Look at how Fang Ya makes the kid obedient. Walking into Mrs. Zhang, she rolled her eyes, and it turned out that the little devil had stopped crying. Sister-in-law Zhang listened to the footsteps and looked back gently at Fang Ya. "Miss, I'm asleep," she whispered. Fang Ya moved her steps gently and said softly, reaching out to pick it up. "Mrs. Zhang, give it to me." Fang Ya took the child from Mrs. Zhang's arms, looked at the little person in her arms asleep, and even sucked her lower lip, a satisfied look, a slight smile. Miss, you do it first, and I'll clean up your room. Mrs. Zhang looked at Fang Ya holding the right child and went upstairs with a slight smile. Thank you, Mrs. Zhang, "he said softly, afraid of waking up the baby,Automated warehouse systems, and it would be terrible if he woke up.". After Mrs. Zhang tidied up the room, she took Fang Ya in. Fang Ya looked at the whole room in pink and looked at Mrs. Zhang dumbfounding. "How can it be a child's room?" Although the room is not small, how can it be pink. kingmoreracking.com

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